Icon Sets

Icon Sets are premade types of conditional formatting in Excel used to add icons to cells in a range to indicate how large the cell values are compared to the other values in the range.

Note: Icon Sets can be used together with other conditional formatting rules.

Icon Sets Options

Excel has a number of different icon sets, organized as:





Icon Set Formatting Example

Add icons to the Speed values of each Pokemon with Icon Set conditional formatting.

Icon Sets, step by step:

  1. Select the range of Speed values C2:C10

  1. Click on the Conditional Formatting icon in the ribbon, from the Home menu
  2. Select the Icon Sets from the drop-down menu
  3. Click on the "3 Traffic Lights (Unrimmed)" option

Now, the Speed value cells will have icons indicating how large the values are compared to the other values in the range:

The green traffic light is used for the highest values, yellow for the middle values, and red for the lowest values.

Excel automatically calculates and chooses which values get which colored traffic light icon.

Note: You can remove the Highlight Cell Rules with .