TRIM Function

The TRIM function is premade in Excel and used to remove irregular text spacing and keep single spaces between words.

It is typed =TRIM

If you want to use the function on a single cell, write:


If you want to use the function on a range of cells, write:

=TRIM(start cell:end cell)

Note: Irregular spacing is unnecessary spacing within the dataset that can occur before, after or between text or numbers within a cell.

Example TRIM Function

Use Trim to tidy up irregular spaces in the dataset within the range A2:C21.

Note: To define the range, separate the range values with a colon symbol :

How to Use TRIM Function

Step 1) Start the TRIM function
  1. Select a cell E2
  2. Type =TRIM
  3. Double click the TRIM command

Step 2) Select a range of cells to be used in the TRIM function
  1. Select a range (A2:C21)
  2. Hit enter

Try it yourself!

Copy the values in the example above and try it on your own!

The range of values will be tidied up.

The function returns a dataset formatted without irregular spaces:

Step 3) Use the TRIM function with spacing between text:

Use =TRIM function by following the steps in the example above to format the text:

The text looks much better now!