Excel STDEV.P Function

STDEV.P Function

The STDEV.P function is a premade function in Excel, which calculates the Standard Deviation (Std) for the entire population.

It is typed =STDEV.P

Note: This function ignores cells with text and logic.

Note: Standard deviation (σ) measures how far a 'typical' observation is from the average of the data (μ). You can read more about standard deviation in our .

Tip: There is another function called that can be used if you have the data for a sample.

How to use the =STDEV.P function:

  1. Select a cell (H5)
  2. Type =STDEV.P
  3. Double click the STDEV.P command
  4. Select a range (E2:E755), including all Pokemons
  5. Hit enter

Let's have a look at an example!

Find the Standard Deviation of Pokemon total stats in the range E2:E755:

The picture is not showing all rows. The range is E2:E755 (753 rows).

The STDEV.P function has successfully returned the Standard Deviation for the whole population as 113,4497844.