W3Schools offers Guided Projects in collaboration with Coursera.

Build your skills with hands-on training.

Engage in a split-screen video experience.

Learn step-by-step with our instructors.

W3Schools offers Guided Projects in collaboration with Coursera.

Learn step-by-step with our instructors.

Build your skills with hands-on training.

Applied learning
Work hands-on with tools and technologies
Learning Flexibility
Study at your own pace. Be in control of your time
Earn a certificate
Document your knowledge and skills

Learn Data Visualization in Excel

This Guided Project helps you to learn Data Visualization with Microsoft Excel.

Learn with Daria Toropchyn, our subject matter Expert in this applied learning experience.

The format is a split-screen video where you follow the step-by-step instructions from the trainer.

What you will learn
  • How to gather and export data in Excel.
  • Create charts and visualizations.
  • Make reports in Excel.
  • Learn to create insights from data from one or more sources.

Why learn with a Guided Project?

Gain-job relevant skills with short and applied learning experiences.

Build competence by learning from subject matter experts.

Increase your employability by adding value to your CV and resume.

Save time and money. It costs a fraction of a full qualification, and the results are the same.

How a Guided Project works

Video based learning where you get hands-on with a split screen.

Trying things on your own and paying attention to the instructions given by the trainer.

Guided Project split-screen

It has everything you need right in the browser. Complete cloud-based, no download required.

Learn step-by-step in a split screen environment with a subject matter expert.

Project Overview

Fee: 9,99 USD

Duration: 90 min

Earn a certificate: Yes

Difficulty level: Beginner

Language: English

Format: Split-screen video

Device: Desktop only

Other: No downloads needed

Vendor: Coursera

Short learning experiences

Gain relevant skills in less than two hours.

Build your skills bite-sized to better digest and process the learning.

Be in control of your own experience and time.

Apply what you have learned right away!

Earn a certificate

Pass the final quiz and earn your certificate.

Getting a certificate proves your commitment to upgrading your skills.

The certificate can be added as credentials to your CV, Resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

It gives you the credibility needed for more responsibilities, larger projects, and a higher salary.

Knowledge is power, especially in the current job market.

Documentation of your skills enables you to advance your career or helps you to start a new one.

Learn Data Visualization in Excel

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