What is the AWS Shared Responsibility Model?

The AWS shared responsibility model is a concept of dividing responsibilities between AWS and a Customer.

The Customer is you.

AWS's responsibilities are the security of the cloud.

Customer responsibilities are security in the cloud.

Shared Responsibility Model Video

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Responsibility of AWS

AWS's responsibility is the security of the cloud.

AWS manages all infrastructure layers.

Some of the infrastructure layers are:

  • Data centers
  • Hardware and software
  • Virtualization
  • Networking

Responsibility of a Customer

Customers' responsibility is the security of everything they make in AWS Cloud.

Customers (you) have complete control over your content.

Customer manages AWS services, software, and access to the data.

Responsibility differences:

AWS Customer (you)
Edge locations Networking traffic protection
Availability zones Server-side encryption
Regions Client-side data encryption
AWS global infrastructure Operating systems configuration
Hardware Network configuration
Networking Firewall configuration
Database Platform management
Storage Applications management
Compute Identity management
Software Access management
Customer data

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Shared responsibility is about security being a  responsibility

AWS Shared Responsibility