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AWS KMS is also known as AWS Key Management Service.

It ensures the security of your application data with cryptographic keys.

A cryptographic key is a sequence of characters that may be used to encrypt or decrypt data.

Data encryption is locking the data.

Data decryption is unlocking the data.

You are in complete control of your keys.

You can allow IAM users to manage AWS KMS keys.


AWS WAF is also known as AWS Web Application Firewall.

It monitors your application's network requests.

It can allow or block network traffic.

To allow or block network traffic, AWS WAF uses ACL (web access control list).

Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector helps you improve applications security.

It also helps improve applications compliance.

It checks the application for software versions and other vulnerabilities.

It offers you a report of all security issues and solutions recommendations for your application.

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service.

It detects threats for AWS resources and infrastructure.

It does so by constantly monitoring activity on the network.

Like Amazon Inspector, it reports found threats and fixes recommendations.

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What does Amazon GuardDuty monitor?

Amazon GuardDuty monitors  activity 

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