AWS Cloud EC2 Scaling

AWS EC2 Scaling

Scaling is about only using the resources that you need.

In addition, have the flexibility to grow freely.

Make sure to have an architecture that can handle changes in demand.

Designing a scalable architecture allow you to only pay for the resources that you need at any given time.

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AWS EC2 Auto Scaling

Servers can get more requests than they can handle.

Too many requests can cause timeouts and outages.

AWS EC2 Auto Scaling allows you to add or remove EC2 instances automatically.

It automates the capacity to the demand.

There are two approaches:

  • Dynamic scaling: responds to changing demand
  • Predictive scaling: schedules the number of instances based on a predicted demand
  • Dynamic and Predictive scaling can be combined to scale faster

Weekly demand with peak on Wednesday

Image created by Amazon Web Services

The picture illustrates that demand can change during a week based.

AWS Cloud Exercises



AWS Cloud Exercises

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What do we need to have in place to handle changes in demand?

We need to design a scalable 




AWS EC2 Scaling