AWS Cloud Messaging and Queuing


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Monolithic Applications and Microservices

Applications are made of multiple components.

The components communicate with each other.

The communication can transmit data, fulfill requests, and keep the application running.

Monolithic Application

An architecture with tightly coupled components can be called a monolithic application.

Components can be databases, servers, interfaces, and much more.

A monolithic application can be vulnerable if one of the components fails.

In the worst case, this can cause the whole service to go down.

Instead, your application can be designed with an approach called microservices.

Microservices can help to keep your service available if one component fails.


Microservices can help to maintain the service if one component fails.

The services can be maintained because they communicate with each other and the components are not tightly coupled.

AWS has two services that can make this integration:

  • AWS Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS)
  • AWS Simple Queue Service (AWS SQS)

You will learn more about them in the next chapter.

The difference between the Monolithic and Microservices approach is tight coupled vs. loosely coupled.

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